E-cards with ANIMATIONS for all occasions: I love you; I miss you; happy birthday; happy name day; friendship forever; thank you; congratulations for baby; merry Christmas; happy New Year; happy Halloween; Valentine's day; good luck; I am sorry; romantic poems; original art cards; cute flowers; red roses; in love; friendly invitations;...


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I love you in Russian with red rose
I love you (2006)

romantic feelings; red roses; cute flower; deep love

petals of red roses with I miss you in Russian
I miss you with petals (2005)

feeling the absence of a loved one; I think of you; petals of red roses
have a nice day in Russian with swan lake, reeds and flowers
Nice day with swan (2009)

swan lake; Have a nice day; pleasant place; reeds and flowers
have a nice day in Russian with butterflies and god rays
Have a nice day (2007)

flying butterflies; god rays; light of happiness; nice sunny day
have a nice day in Russian with horn of plenty symbolizing abundance
Horn of plenty (2006)

abundance of food; fruits; gifts; happiness in love; financial satisfaction; smile; eternal time; water
have a nice day in Russian with atoll and coconut trees at sunset
Have a nice day with atoll (2004)

dolphin jumping near island; coconut and palm trees; sea at sunset; wishing a nice day
I love you in Russian with various fonts
Collection of I love you (2009)

deep love; romantic feelings; love obsession
waiting for you in Russian with champagne and candles at sunset
Waiting for you (2005)

Table with bottle of champagne; glasses and candles; romantic date in garden; I miss you; I wait for you; love rendezvous
friend skeletons holding hands forever in Russian
Forever together (2006)

always together even after death; eternally and forever friends; everlasting friendship and love
happy birthday in Russian with chocolate cake and candles
Birthday cake (2004)

celebrate birthday; blow the candles; champagne; chocolate cake; you are older; you are still young; party time

handshake of friends with diamond for eternal friendshipin Russian
Friends forever (2007)

buddies; diamonds last forever; everlasting friendship; pals; solid relationship

happy name day with colored balloons at a party in Russian
Happy name day! (2006)

party celebration; flying colored balloons
you in Russian written with hearts gushing out of water
My fountain of love (2005)

gushing hearts; I love you; romantic sources; waterfall with hearts
happy birthday celebrated with firework in Russian
Happy birthday with firework (2005)

anniversary; celebrate birthday; bangers and firecrackers exploding; party fireworks
urgent telegram I miss you in Russian
I miss you in telegram (2005)

send an urgent telegram; sending love and kisses; romantic message
happy birthday in Russian with chocolate cake, cream and a candle
One more year (2006)

birthday celebration; blow the candles; chocolate cake with cream; delicious dessert; happy birthday; one year older; still young
have a nice day in Russian with dolphins jumping over water
Have a nice day (2004)

happy dolphins; ocean; rainbow; sea
islands forming I miss you in Russian
I miss you with islands (2004)

dolphin jumping over water; dream islands; I miss you; atoll islands; coconut and palm trees; sea
sorry in Russian written with soap bubbles
Sorry (2004)

soap bubbles; forgive me; I am sorry; Japanese sunset with red sun; I have regrets
thank you banner with airplane flying over ocean in Russian
Thank you with airplane (2006)

aircraft; airplane flying over water; sailboat; sailing; sunset; thank you; thanks
merry Christmas with balls near a fir tree in Russian
Merry Christmas spheres (2003)

Jesus Christ's birth; Christmas balls; fir tree ornaments; Xmas holiday; sunset

gift rain with snowman, merry Christmas in Russian
Gift rain (2004)

lots of gifts falling from sky; Christmas presents; snow man; surprises; fir tree in snow; Xmas

tree with skuchayu message in Russian
Skuchayu (2010)

love tree; I miss you in Russian; transparent oak tree

happy new year for all years in Russian
Happy new years (2005)

wishing happiness and health; New Year wishes; time goes by
2 fishes in aquarium wishing you a happy new year in Russian
Happy new year with bubbles (2005)

air bubbles; 2 fishes talking; seaweeds in aquarium; underwater scene; best wishes for the New Year
happy new year celebration with firework in Russian
Happy fireworks! (2004)

new year celebration with firework; firecrackers and bangers; party for Happy new year; best wishes
congratulations on a scene under the spot lights in Russian
Congratulations! (2006)

bravo, congratulations for your success; on the scene; under the spot lights; dazzling stars
I miss you written with clouds on blue ocean in Russian
I miss you with clouds (2003)

blue sea; cotton clouds; missing you; romantic message
smile with flowers
Smile! (2006)

flowers happily smiling
invitation to a manor with red carpet and welcome banner in Russian
Invitation to the manor (2006)

red carpet; middle age castle; friends are welcome to have a drink; invitation to party; lanterns; welcome to the manor; renaissance castle

you in Russian written with red roses and grass
You with roses (2006)

flourishing flowers; declaration of love; red roses and grass
spider on its web waiting for its prey; welcome in Russian
Invitation from a spider (2006)

don't be afraid; I won't eat you; friendly invitation to a party; careful, there is a trap; hungry spider on its web; welcome

I miss you forming a star at sunset in Russian
I miss you with star (2006)

feeling the absence of a loved one; fire of the sun; I am sad; spiral of love
telegram of friendship in Russian saying you are my best friend
Friendship telegram (2007)

best buddies; telegram to a friend; letter of friendship; mate; pals
happy Easter with Easter eggs with fractal decoration in Russian
Happy Easter! (2006)

basket with Easter eggs; fractal decoration; religious celebration; death and resurrection of Jesus Christ



Russian ecards


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