E-cards with ANIMATIONS for all occasions: I love you; I miss you; happy birthday; happy name day; friendship forever; thank you; congratulations for baby; merry Christmas; happy New Year; happy Halloween; Valentine's day; good luck; I am sorry; romantic poems; original art cards; cute flowers; red roses; in love; friendly invitations;...




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a cut violet flower with a butterfly
Cut flower (2009)

butterfly; cut flower; split plant
droplets trickling on a multicolored sinusoid
Life droplets (2009)

drops trickling; fresh paint; rainbow sinusoid
I love you in English with various fonts
Collection of I love you (2009)

deep love; romantic feelings; love obsession
man moving in an oxygen bubble with drops
Oxygen (2009)

air and oxygen bubbles; water drops; running man
skittles rainbow at bowling
Skittles (2009)

multicolored skittles; bowling game
the dreamer in bubbles like the thinker from Auguste Rodin
The dreamer (2009)

the thinker by Auguste Rodin; bubbles; over the clouds; dream
blue colour violet red green yellow text
Blue (2009)

blue color; colorized words
fractal frames, with black and white
Borders (2009)

fractal borders; frame
angel Gabriel's annunciation call to the Virgin Mary
The annunciation (2009)

angel Gabriel; birth of baby; dove; lily; Virgin Mary; religion; Christianity
a mobile phone annunces love to Virgin Mary
Annunciation of love (2009)

angel Gabriel; lily; flying dove; Virgin Mary receiving a heart; Christian religion
artistic gears construction
Gears (2009)

multicolored gears; assembly; construction

carnival masks of babies
Choose your mask (2008)

carnival characters; masks of babies; playing roles; theater piece
have a nice day in English with swan lake, reeds and flowers
Nice day with swan (2009)

swan lake; Have a nice day; pleasant place; reeds and flowers
red firework
Red firework (2009)

bloody explosion; fireworks; red light
wish to convert to Christianity
Evangelization (2009)

religious conversion; belief in God of the Christians

wish to convert to Islam
Islamization (2009)

religious conversion; belief in God of the Muslims

endangered animal species trapped by humans
Trapped (2009)

fauna and flora; endangered species; humans and people destroying all; mankind; fighting for survival; four elements: air, desert, forest, water
record of Edith Piaf: la vie en rose
La vie en rose (2008)

Edith Piaf singing; songs; hits; music record

christian, Buddhist, Islamic and Judaic symbols
Religion bath (2008)

religions encouraging violence; wars and blood crimes; Buddhism; Christianity; Islam; Judaism; power
purple tunnel made of squares
Purple tunnel (2009)

abstract art; entrance and exit; path in tunnel

man fading in a colorful environment
Self-portrait 5 (2009)

self-portrait; living-room; fading colors
vegetal rainbow with trees
Vegetal rainbow (2009)

multicolored rainbow; carpet of trees; vegetation
green plant in spiral
Eco spirals (2009)

green leaves of ferns; luxurious vegetation
man merged with his background
Influence (2009)

background; foreground; mix

hope medieval fortress of stone
Invincible hope (2009)

medieval castle; stone fortress; indestructible hope; optimism

saint men made of dollar bills and euro bills
Saint dollar and saint euro (2009)

dollar and euro coins and bills; saints of the global financial system; gods of money
flying dollar bills owned by rich bankers
Money gods (2009)

flying money dollars; clouds; sky; rich bankers
positive words: heat, delight, dream and eternity
Positive (2009)

heat; optimism; love; passion; positive thinking
men walking on ocean water at sunset
Strength (2009)

boat; men walking on ocean water
the green world at its beginning, looking like the moon
Green beginning (2009)

world beginning; Earth birth; Moon landscape with craters
end of the green world with statue of Liberty
Green end (2009)

world end; Earth death; Moon ground; statue of Liberty

rainbow forest with ideal trees
Magic forest (2009)

multicolored trees; ideal forest; exotic plants; rainbow





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