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kisses brought by butterflies, lips lipstick
Butterfly kisses (2012)

butterflies carrying kisses; flying kisses; remote love
glass hearts forming a bridge, clouds at sunset
Love bridge (2012)

remote love; make love, not war; love gives hope
8th March celebration in Russian
Happy 8th March (2012)

international woman's day; heart of flowers; sunset
I miss you with flowers at sunset in Russian
Sunset with flowers (2012)

multicolored flowers; field at sunset; I miss you in relief
butterflies dancing in a heart formation
Butterfly heart (2012)

love in spite of distance; butterflies carrying roses flowers; above the clouds
paint drops
Drops (2011)

drops starting to fall; attraction; liquid; black hole

man lying on the ground; cubism
Lying man 2 (2011)

dead stoned man; cubism; terrorist act; petrified target

drops in front of black hole
Drops 2 (2011)

drops attracted to each other; rainbow target; merge

cubic man; target laying on ground
Lying man (2011)

wounded man; recumbent; target reaching a man's head; stoned man
fountain bubbles with charming at sunset in English
Charming fountains (2011)

multicolored water fountains; sea at sunset; compliment; balance on water
multicolored billard balls with beautiful in English
Beautiful (2011)

snooker balls in all colors; compliment to a woman
broken hearts and nice love stories on a life path
Love path (2011)

broken hearts; life path; success and failures; that's life; hope for future; biography
big flower bouquet in a violet garden
Big bouquet (2011)

tulip bouquet; field of violet flowers; man holding bouquet; garden
love tubes with hearts like veins
Love tubes (2010)

anatomy; human body; blood vessels; tubes connected to the heart
statue of liberty rotated
Statue of liberty (2010)

rotated statue; balance; fragility; different interpretations of liberty
tree with a big heart
Love tree (2010)

growing love; red heart in a tree
tree forming a heart suspended on cliff
Suspended love (2010)

tree with red hearts as fruits; cliff and sea view; fragility of love
humans piling up to the moon, working together
Yes we can (2010)

men and women together reaching the moon; all together we are stronger
milky way stars in a violet spiral
Milky way (2010)

milky way stars and planets; violet and white spiral
pink abstraction in the clouds
Cloud double spiral (2010)

abstraction with pink and violet clouds; rotated clouds
grey clouds with colored stains
Colored cloud (2010)

colored filters on grey cloud; thunderstorm
colored wavelet, sinusoidal wave
Colored wavelet (2010)

rainbow wavelet; cubes explosion
this is a cloud à la Magritte
This is a cloud (2010)

René Magritte; surrealism; cloud with letters
lots of blue and violet hearts
Blue hearts (2010)

mirrored love; hearts and their reflections; couples in love
lots of pink and red hearts
Pink hearts (2010)

mirrored love; hearts and their reflections; couples in love
lots of grey and black hearts
Black hearts (2010)

mirrored love; hearts and their reflections; couples in love

tree with skuchayu message in Russian
Skuchayu (2010)

love tree; I miss you in Russian; transparent oak tree

bright apartment corridor on ocean
Light corridor (2010)

corridor decoration with sea at sunset; enlightened corridor leading to sea
ocean water distorted
Water extensions (2010)

sea waves; water transformation; blue translations; big blue ocean
ocean water rotated, small waves
Water gear (2010)

blue planet; optical effect; sea wavelets; big blue ocean
glass tunnel exploding with blood flowing
Glass tunnel (2009)

bloody crystal; danger; darkness; glass explosion; red tunnel
seven sins and 7 virtues
Sins and virtues (2009)

Catholic religion; seven sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride; seven virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, humility





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