E-cards with ANIMATIONS for all occasions: I love you; I miss you; happy birthday; happy name day; friendship forever; thank you; congratulations for baby; merry Christmas; happy New Year; happy Halloween; Valentine's day; good luck; I am sorry; romantic poems; original art cards; cute flowers; red roses; in love; friendly invitations;...




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chess game with pawns on both sides at sunset
Black and white (2004)

black against white; checkmate; chess; good against evil; fight; chess game; king, queen, pawn, rook, bishop, knight; reflections on the ocean; game of strategy; symmetrical chessboard
I love you written with a knife, a human heart and blood
I love you to 100%

real human heart; murder with knife; blood stains

rub Aladdin's lamp and make three wishes
Three wishes (2007)

genius of the lamp; rub the lamp of Aladdin; make 3 wishes; fairy tale

factory building babies in bubbles
Brave new world (2004)

Aldous Huxley; automated creation of babies; human birth; new-born in bubbles; build; cloning babies; chain; clones; baby factory on the ocean; ideal babies; modern life; copy and paste

people and their life expectancy
Carpe diem (2003)

death is close; seize the day and enjoy it; remaining life expectancy; don't waste time

bubbles horrible colors representing hell and chaos
Colored hell (2006)

balls in a whirl; ugly big-bang; multicolored chaos; spheres explosion
sea shell in ASCII art
Sea shell (2006)

ASCII art; sea shell of Africa

pumpkin Jack o Lantern in ASCII art
Pumpkin - happy Halloween (2004)

31st October; Halloween pumpkin; Jack o Lantern; ASCII art
white exotic fish in ASCII art
Lemon tetra from Brazil (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish; mosaic of the sea
blue exotic fish in ASCII art
Electric blue from Malawi (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish; treasure of the ocean
yellow exotic fish in ASCII
Exotic fish 2 (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish; aquarium

blue fish shoal in ASCII art
Fish shoal (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fishes in a shoal
violet exotic fish in ASCII art
Exotic fish (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish; mosaic of letters
wild exotic fish in ASCII art
Black tetra from South America (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish with seaweeds in an aquarium
gold fish in ASCII art
Maylandia estherae from Malawi (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish; mosaic; sea
gold fish in aquarium
Cherry barb from Sri Lanka (2006)

ASCII art; exotic gold fish; tropical aquarium
sea horse in ASCII
Sea horse (2006)

ASCII art; exotic sea horse






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