E-cards with ANIMATIONS for all occasions: I love you; I miss you; happy birthday; happy name day; friendship forever; thank you; congratulations for baby; merry Christmas; happy New Year; happy Halloween; Valentine's day; good luck; I am sorry; romantic poems; original art cards; cute flowers; red roses; in love; friendly invitations;...



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tree with a big heart
Love tree (2010)

growing love; red heart in a tree
lots of blue and violet hearts
Blue hearts (2010)

mirrored love; hearts and their reflections; couples in love
you with compliments in black and white
Perfectly you (2001)

you are the one; ASCII art; you written with compliments and qualities; you are perfect
love written with a spider web
Love on the web (2001)

Internet love; modern love; spider web

love written with golden nuggets
Golden love (2003)

golden nuggets in a fragile balance; love is precious and fragile; around it is like a desert of rocks
red roses in a whirl
Whirl-rose (2006)

Red roses in a spiral; overwhelming love
red roses exploding
Rose infinity (2006)

lots of flowers; infinite love; red roses to the horizon
woman with flower clothes
Flower woman (1998)

flower girl with hat; red roses; romantic woman
kisses brought by butterflies, lips lipstick
Butterfly kisses (2012)

butterflies carrying kisses; flying kisses; remote love
glass hearts forming a bridge, clouds at sunset
Love bridge (2012)

remote love; make love, not war; love gives hope
mountain on a stormy day with light of hope
The world without you (2004)

cloudy dusk; faint light; glimmer of hope; dark mountain
puddle forming a heart
Crying for you (2003)

crying heart; sadness feelings; puddle of tears
butterflies dancing in a heart formation
Butterfly heart (2012)

love in spite of distance; butterflies carrying roses flowers; above the clouds
couples of queens and kings converging towards an ace of heart
Loves (2007)

couples in love converging towards a heart; game of cards; kings and queens together
geometric big-bang, genesis of squares and triangles
Big-bang (2001)

beginning of geometry; big-bang of universe with circles, squares and triangles
hands trying to reach a heart
Common goal (2007)

love is all you need; common aim in the world; trying to love and be loved
multicolored billard balls with beautiful in English
Beautiful (2011)

snooker balls in all colors; compliment to a woman





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