E-cards with ANIMATIONS for all occasions: I love you; I miss you; happy birthday; happy name day; friendship forever; thank you; congratulations for baby; merry Christmas; happy New Year; happy Halloween; Valentine's day; good luck; I am sorry; romantic poems; original art cards; cute flowers; red roses; in love; friendly invitations;...



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I love you written with fire
Burning for you (2005)

I love you; burning letters; hot declaration of love; romantic; warm love
petals of red roses with I miss you in English
I miss you with petals (2005)

feeling the absence of a loved one; I think of you; petals of red roses
I love you with music notes on a partition
Notes of love (2005)

I love you; music instrument; music notes on a partition; playing romantic music; singing a love song
dove bringing a I love you message with a red rose
Dove - I love you (2002)

declaration of love by moonlight; star night; red rose

love tubes with hearts like veins
Love tubes (2010)

anatomy; human body; blood vessels; tubes connected to the heart
river of hearts, love and fluid mechanics
Current of love (2002)

blue flow with hearts; I love you; flow lines; fluid mechanics; romantic river; water stream
I love you written with a knife, a human heart and blood
I love you to 100%

real human heart; murder with knife; blood stains
frozen heart stuck in ice
Frozen heart (2007)

cold like ice; heartless person; no way out
99 red roses for you
99 roses (2006)

bunch of flowers; romantic gift; bouquet of red roses

heart struck by lightning during a storm
Lightning (2006)

heart broken by a lightning strike; dark and rainy day; electrical shock; thunderstorm; stormy weather
thinking of you with my brains full of you
My thoughts (2003)

neurons and brain cells in my head; obsession about you; shadow profile; thinking of you
tree forming a heart suspended on cliff
Suspended love (2010)

tree with red hearts as fruits; cliff and sea view; fragility of love
fountain bubbles with charming at sunset in English
Charming fountains (2011)

multicolored water fountains; sea at sunset; compliment; balance on water
mount struck by lightning
You are my miracle (2004)

God rays; green mountain; lightning in the dark; mountain; rock enlightened by a cosmic ray
petals of red and white roses forming a heart
Heart with petals of roses (2005)

declaration of love; vegetal heart; petals of red roses
I love you with heart letters
From all my hearts (2003)

I love you; red hearts; love romance; feeling romantic
love written with yin and yang symbol in black and white
Yin / yang love (2001)

yin and yang balls; black and white; symmetrical love
hearts converging to a rendezvous
Rendezvous (2007)

deepening love; hearts converging to one another; love fusion; we are like one
petals of roses in the form of a flame
Flame of roses (2005)

romantic declaration; flame of love; petals of red roses
broken hearts and nice love stories on a life path
Love path (2011)

broken hearts; life path; success and failures; that's life; hope for future; biography





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