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flying kisses with lipstick and hand
Flying kisses (2005)

blow a kiss; open hand; little hearts; kissing lips; lipstick; love; romance; romantic kiss
islands forming I miss you with dolphins
I miss you with islands (2004)

atolls; coconut trees; dolphins; dream; I miss you; islands; palm tree; pacific ocean
I love you written with letters of fire
Burning love (2006)

animated message; burning fire; hot flames; passionate love; red roses
you written with hearts gushing out water
My fountain of love (2005)

gushing hearts; I love you; romantic sources; waterfall with hearts
I love you with red rose
I love you (2006)

romantic feelings; love declaration; red roses; cute flower; deep love
broken heart on blood sea
Broken heart (2005)

you broke my heart; bleeding broken heart; blood sea; glass pieces; sad love; sadness feeling
blinking heart wrapped as a gift
Heart as a gift (2007)

box a cotton cushion; wrapped heart; parcel of love; romance; surprises
2 hands offering a red heart as a gift
My gift to you (2005)

romantic donation; hands handing a gift; I give you my heart; I love you; romantic present; red roses; give and take
red roses falling from the sky on a field
Rain of roses (2006)

flowers falling on the ground; rain of red roses; field of roses

heart in a bottle floating at sea by moonlight
Bottle of love (2006)

floating bottle with a heart in it; I send you my love; I love you; romantic message; moonlight romance at sea; bright stars
red roses raining on a field
Romantic rain (2008)

flowers raining on a field; deep love; red roses falling on earth

erected penis made of flowers
Flourishing penis (2001)

bouquet; bunch of flowers; penis in erection; red roses; masculine sex

palm trees forming 4 hearts
Clover with 4 hearts (2008)
coconuts and palm trees; sunset; tropical love

2 skeletons holding hands forever
Forever together (2006)

yours always and forever, even after death; friends for eternity; eternal friendship; everlasting love; passion for life; happy skeletons
lots of pink and red hearts
Pink hearts (2010)

mirrored love; hearts and their reflections; couples in love
red rose in a multicolored sphere
Rose in sphere (2006)

bubbles around red roses; sphere of love
factory building babies in bubbles
Brave new world (2004)

Aldous Huxley; baby factory; baby cloning; bubbles of life; human creation; sunrise
I love you written with many fonts
Collection of I love you's (2009)

deep love; I adore you; intense feelings
rose in crystal ball and snowy moutains
Iced rose (2006)

Alps in winter; cold weather; red rose in crystal ball; fragility of love; ice and snow in mountains; protected flower; red roses
hearts forming the grid of a prison
Prison of love (2007)

my heart is hurting so much; tropical island; Prison of love; hell and paradise at the same time; I cannot stop loving you
I love you written on a maple leaf
I love you with leaf (2006)

my heart belongs to you; maple leaf; declaration of love; romantic message
heart balancing between a silver and a golden nest
Nests (2009)

silver and golden nest; hesitation between two loves; swinging heart

petal of rose crying tears
Crying petal (2005)

drops of water; flower crying; petal of roses; sadness after love disappointment
question mark with hearts
Heart question (2007)

do you love me; love question mark
moebius ribbon symbolising eternal love
Infinite love (2003)

endless love; fragility of love; I love you; loop; love; math; Moebius ribbon; infinite sign
heart exclamation mark with hearts
Heart exclamation (2007)

answer to love question; of course I love you; love exclamation mark
you and me bouncing and converging towards love
Convergence (2002)

mutual attraction; you and me converging; bouncing hearts

a mobile phone annunces love to Virgin Mary
Annunciation of love (2009)

angel Gabriel; lily; flying dove; Virgin Mary receiving a heart; Christian religion
I love you in English, French, Spanish and German with burning letters
Burning love 3 (2006)

animated message; burning fire; flaming letters; warm love; passion; red roses



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