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clock made of clocks and watches
Obsession of time (2001)

alarm clocks and watches; counting the hours; being late; obsession of wasting time; planning and productivity
skulls symbolizing equality in front of justice
American equality (2004)

dead Americans worth more than dead from another country; despise of other people; golden skull; inequality in front of death; heap of skulls; injustice
restaurant menu for the rich
Menu at 500 francs (2001)

eating dinner; expensive dishes; food for the rich; inequalities; injustice; lunch menu in restaurant
I love you written with a knife, a human heart and blood
I love you to 100%

real human heart; murder with knife; blood stains

restaurant menu for the poor
Menu at 50 francs(2001)

having dinner in a restaurant; cheap dishes; equality; expensive food; inequalities; injustice; lunch for the poor; price list
all you need is love and money coins
All you need (2000)

Beatles song: all you need is love; coins may also help

soldier made of fire arms
Gendarme (2001)

armed GI; guns; war and peace; revolvers; soldier holding a Kalashnikov; violence and death; revolvers and weapons

hope labyrinth in Russian
Labyrinth of hope (2001)

complicated love; desperate love; looking for love; seeking the exit
chocolate cake for death-day with crosses of tombs
Death-day (2005)

chocolate cake for birthday with candles; celebration of death; crosses of tombs; life and death

people and their life expectancy
Carpe diem (2003)

death is close; seize the day and enjoy it; remaining life expectancy; don't waste time

sleeping Uncle Sam during September 11 attacks
Smoking uncle Sam (2001)

airplanes falling on the WTC; New York City (the Big Apple) during the terror attacks; collapse of the twin towers; death and destruction in Manhattan; planes crashing on nine eleven; September 11th; 911
ᓇᒡᓕᒋᕙᒋᑦ, I love you in Inuktitut
I love you in Inuktitut (Inuit's language)

romantic declaration of love; flowers; red roses
gold eagle on an American gold coin: in gold we trust
American belief (2003)

50 dollar in gold; in gold we trust; gold bullion
I love you in Tibetan

declaration of love; romantic flower; red roses
matches forming the allumeuses word
Allumeuses (2000)

matches in fire; teasing girls

do-it-yourself man: build the cube
Do-it-yourself Ulybka (2003)

bottom, top and side views; 2D man; build a man: fold along the lines; self-portrait
church looking like an ejaculating penis with 2 testicules
Church (2003)

church looking like a penis; religious ejaculation; red lamp; religion and sex
skull in a mosaic of babies
Skull with baby (2007)

babies forming a skull; life and death are inseparable

spider on its web waiting for its prey; welcome in English
Invitation from a spider (2006)
don't be afraid; I won't eat you; friendly invitation to a party; careful, there is a trap; hungry spider on its web; welcome
map of the world with the worries of each country
Worries of the world (2001)

differences between countries; disease and death by starvation; hungry people; money, pension, and Windows are the worries of the rich; war, water, food are the worries of the poor
fading flag of USA in competition with China, the EU, India and Russia
The end of the empire (2007)

the USA are eaten by rising powers: Brazil, India, China, Russia (BRIC) and the European Union, Japan; ferocious competition and World Trade Organization; USA falling apart
man bumping into a woman resulting in a baby
Human shock (2001)

baby birth; man and woman having sex; human reproduction; shock of particles in physics

airplanes looking like flying coffins crashing into the ocean
Happy dolphins (2004)

plane accident; aircraft crash; flying coffins; sudden death at sunset; falling into the sea; air traffic security






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