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zero dollar bill indicating inflation
A gift to you (2003)

value of a buck; cost of living; one dollar banknote; looming inflation; money is nothing worth; rich and poor; United States of America; USA

sad baby with a hat: endangered species
Endangered species (2006)

too few babies being born; birth rate; falling demography; missing young people; threat for the future; human self-destruction
brain of a woman: chocolate, baby, shoes, romance, phone, beach
Brain of a woman (2007)
in the head of a woman; have children; eat chocolate; use cosmetics and lipstick; fall in love; beating heart; romantic love; prince charming; new shoes every month; talking a lot; calling friends on the phone; trips
brain of a man: women, sex, beer, cars, computers, finances, football
Brain of a man (2007)
in the head of a man; drink beer; drive cars; play with computers; play football; sleep with girls and women; beating heart; fall in love; read newspapers; notebook; soccer; sports

beer glass growing
Wanna beer (2007)

drink a glass of beer; going out; let's go to the pub; I am thirsty

baby face as a mosaic of skull
Baby with skull (2007)

face of baby boy; smiling child; interdependency of life and death; mosaic with skull
man walking from his mother's vagina towards a coffin
Entrance - exit (2006)

man walking alone towards his coffin; sex of a woman; we are lonely; life path, from birth till death; shortcut; way; XXX
head of man with two pupils in one eye
The artist's eyes (2004)

blindness; pupil falling from one eye into the other; self-portrait; sight and vision
airplanes like flying coffins
Happy dolphins 2 (2004)

accidents of airplanes; coffins flying and crashing; afraid of flying; flying is dangerous
european flag torn
European Union (2007)

European community; discord between countries; European flag is torn; fragile union with plaster; repair the disunion
gold coins in a cap, asking for help
Golden help (2003)

Bill Gates; beggar; fix the bugs; help correcting bugs in Microsoft Windows; gold coins; poor and rich
dollar hyperinflation
Inflation risk (2007)

financial crisis; stock market; money value; fiat currency dollar; collapsing economy; falling; flood of paper; inflation; firelighter
hands in the creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel in Rom
Help yourself (2003)

creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rom, by Michelangelo; do it yourself; showing a finger; God's creation; hand of a man reaching for help
fallen Eiffel tower dropping waste
Paris, trash can city of the world (2003)

dirty bin; trash can fallen on the ground; France's symbol; monument in Paris; Eiffel tower

friend skeletons holding hands forever in English
Forever together (2006)

always together even after death; eternally and forever friends; everlasting friendship and love
erected penis made of flowers
Flourishing penis (2001)

bouquet of erotic flowers; penis in erection; humor; lilies, roses, bonnies; sex of man; XXX rating
man frozen in ice
Frozen self-portrait (2003)

frozen prisoner stuck in ice

consequences of global warming: floods
Have a nice dip (2007)

4x4; polluting 4 wheel drive cars; global warming; disappearing; Chinese factories; flooded countries; islands; pollution; USA
I love you in Morse with a red rose
I love you in Morse

declaration of love; romantic flower; red rose

earth in balance on banknotes and coins
In dependence (2007)

world in a financial imbalance; euro and dollar; falling markets; fragile globalization; inflation; chaotic stock market; money; rich and poor; risky business; market valuation
yes written with no, in a fractal way, symbolizing hesitation
Contradictions (2001)

contradiction; indecision; yes containing no's; fractals; recursive answer; indecisive women

new York City, the Big Apple, during the September 11th terror attacks
The Big Apple (2002)

aircraft attacks in America; collapse of World Trade Center; falling towers in Manhattan; airplane crash; nine eleven; 911; September 11th; terror attacks; twin towers; worm in the apple
european Union flag torn apart by all countries
European cake (2007)

torn flag; piece of the cake; EEC; egoism of all countries; European disunion; EU and Brussels






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