E-cards with ANIMATIONS for all occasions: I love you; I miss you; happy birthday; Happy name day; friendship; thanks; congratulations for baby; Christmas; happy New Year; Halloween; Valentine's Day; good luck; I am sorry; poems; original art cards; flowers; red roses; in love; invitations;...


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I miss you whirl
Spiral 4 I miss you (2001)

deep feelings; spiral and infinite love

2 glasses of champagne clinking
To you! (2003)
(look at the bubbles)

bubbles of champagne; celebrating our friendship; clinking glasses; drink at a party; toast with wine
I love you written on a maple leaf
I love you with leaf (2006)

my heart belongs to you; maple leaf; declaration of love; romantic message
dart target indicating intensity of love
Target (2003)

arrows on target; dart game; heart as a target; madly, passionately in love
thank you with petals of roses
Thank you with petals (2005)

romantic flowers; red and white petals of roses; star; thanks
happy birthday in English with bottle of champagne and fireworks
Happy birthday with champagne (2003)

celebration of birthday party; bottle of champagne; drinks; lights of fireworks; one year older
happy birthday with Jack's magic beanstalk
How old are you again (2003)

counting your age in seconds; Jack's magic beanstalk

happy birthday and illuminations
Your life is only beginning (2005)

life only beginning; birthday celebration; you are not that old; you are still young
dolphins jumping over water writing 'Forgive me' in English
Forgive me (2004)

acrobatics; dolphins jumping over water; pardon me; I regret; I am sorry; sunset
'Good luck' clover
Good luck with clover (2005)

green 4 leaf-clover; win; wishing luck
congratulations written with stars
Congratulations! (2003)
(look at the stars)

bravo; cheers; congratulations; dazzling light; bright stars in sky; success
I love you in French, Portuguese, English, Turkish and German with flaming letters
Burning love 1 (2006)

animated flames; burning fire; passion; red roses
good luck with pins and clover on a black board
Good luck! (2004)

board; 4 leaf-clover; lucky; pins; wishes
I love you in Spanish, Polish, English, Dutch and Italian with flame letters
Burning love 2 (2006)

animated flames; burning fire; passion; red roses
I love you written with flames
Burning for you (2005)

I love you; burning for you; fire; hot flames; romantic love; warm feelings
I love you with white dove and red rose
Dove - I love you (2002)

white dove; declaration of love; night with moon; romance; red rose
I love you written with a knife, a human heart and blood
I love you to 100%

real human heart; murder with knife; blood stains
I love you with heart letters
From all my hearts (2003)

I love you; red hearts; love romance; feeling romantic
you and me bouncing and converging towards love
Convergence (2002)

mutual attraction; you and me converging; bouncing hearts
thinking of you with my brains full of you
My thoughts (2003)

neurons and brain cells in my head; I am obsessed by you; shadow profile; thinking of you
you and me on post-it messages, glued together
Post-it love (2001)

you and me combined together; bright love; romantic stickers

cheers! Enjoy you drink at an aperitif with beer, wine and orange juice
Cheers! (2003)

aperitif with wine; beer and champagne bottles; coca cola glasses; coke; drinks at party; peanuts; I am thirsty
river of hearts, love and fluid mechanics
Current of love (2002)

blue flow with hearts; I love you; flow lines; fluid mechanics; romantic river; stream of water
Marry me written with colorful flowers
Marry me! (2004)

colorful romantic flowers; marriage proposal; sunset on ocean

spheres reflecting I think of you
I think of you (night) (2003)

reflection on Christmas balls; star night; thinking of you; romantic thoughts

I think of you on Christmas balls
Spherical reflections (2003)

feeling the absence of a loved one; Christmas ornaments; reflection on spheres; I think of you
white rose in ASCII art
Rose - I need you (2004)

ASCII art; message with flower; white rose

I miss you written with the light of a bulb
In the dark (2003)

glowing light bulb; electric current; bright love; I miss you

I miss you with whirls
Spiral 1 with I miss you (2001)

I feel the absence of a loved one; I miss you; infinite love; spiral of sadness



English ecards


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