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taj Mahal, Egyptian pyramids and tombs
What's the difference (2006)

tombs and graves in various cultures: Egypt, India, Europe; buried dead; Christian cross; various sepultures and monuments in the world; skeleton on the ground
face with the 5 senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing
Upside-down (2004)

ear, eye, nose, mouth, finger; the 5 senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch

mona Lisa in a spheric way
Spherism (2006)

distortion; la Joconde (painting by Leonardo da Vinci); Mona Lisa; round face
tomorrow: your skeleton in a mirror
Tomorrow (2006)

carpe diem; seize the day; death is your destiny; dying is our fate; live in the present and not in the future; skeleton in a mirror; time is our enemy; today and tomorrow
street with old cars and wrong perspective
Perspective (2007)

deformation of perspective; horizon seems closer; old cars; poplars along a road
the scales of the justice
Justice (2006)

chaotic world; fake cases; unfair processes; injustice and corruption; human rights; scales of justice; law suits; world upside-down
maze with green plants
Vegetative maze (2007)

ecologic and green labyrinth; leaves of bushes; nature and ecology; plant growing; squares of vegetation
apparition of the devil
Red devil (2004)

face on red cubes; devil in hell; jigsaw with cubes; self-portrait

barbie doll holding a young girl
Barbie (2005)

living Barbie doll; ideal girl; dream and reality; a toy as a best friend
mona Lisa in a fractal world
Mona Lisa in fractals (2006)

fractal version; Leonardo da Vinci and his painting of Mona Lisa; Louvre in Paris, France
clock made of clocks and watches
Obsession of time (2001)
alarm clocks and watches; counting the hours; being late; obsession of wasting time; planning and productivity
Mona Lisa reflections on spheres
Spherism 2 (2006)

Leonardo da Vinci; painting of Mona Lisa; illumination with balls
hands raised like trees
Forest of hands (2007)

raised arms and fingers; forest of hands with deer
glass skyscrapers of a modern business quarter
Skyline (2008)

glass buildings; Manhattan towers; skyscrapers; business center
old men falling on Europe like the rain
Old rain (2005)

population of Europe is aging; babies are missing; birth rate is low; demography is going down; Europe is disappearing and dying; old men with stick falling from the sky; time going by; young and old people
mona Lisa reflecting on spheres
Spherism 4 (2006)

jigsaw; Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa; reflections on spheres

red postcards of a Carribean island
Reflections 4 (2004)

cards with ideal island; palm trees and beach of sand; illusion and reality; red thunderstorm

human eye with tears
Eye with crystal balls (2004)

crystal balls; eye pupils; transparency
microsoft Windows holding the Earth in its power
Phagocytosis (2006)

operating system is frozen; Earth packed; world is prisoner of Microsoft; monopole of Microsoft Windows; XP, Vista, Windows 7
orange and brown flower
Brown flower (2003)

flower petals; rosette with 6 petals; shadows and symmetry

basic colors: red, green and blue
Genesis of colors (2003)

converging balls of color; birth of colors; black and white; digital spheres in red, green and blue; convergence towards infinity; rainbow of creation; ocean water

skull in the form of Africa
Africa with skull (2003)

AIDS virus; deceases and death; despair and hunger; make a donation; dying Africa; starving people; too late; map of Africa; skull of dead; solidarity towards suffering populations

world map with ocean of Africa instead of continent
African ocean (2003)

despaired people; help Africa now before it is too late; ocean of Africa; suffering, sickness and hunger; solidarity of the world

list of love words
Alphabet of love (2001)

fragility of love; negative and positive sides of love; sculpture of wood
truth casting a lie shadow
Truth and lie (2004)

appearances are misleading; look is everything; reality and fiction; wrong or right; true or false; truth being actually a lie
map of France writing France
All France (2001)

collage with a map of France; jigsaw with map; country and geography; cities, roads, departments and regions

atomic bomb and its impact on animals and vegetation around
Atomic life (2009)

animals and nature dying; apocalypse; explosion; atomic destruction; death because of nuclear bomb; environmental pollution
fractal bar code
Stretched (2008)

abstract art; colorful; extended lines; bar code

a cut violet flower with a butterfly
Cut flower (2009)

butterfly; cut flower; split plant
statue of liberty rotated
Statue of liberty (2010)

rotated statue; balance; fragility; different interpretations of liberty
judgment day: good and evil
Good and evil (2006)

bright or dark; Earth on scales; nature and forest; Judgment day; mountain, field with horse and flowers; scales of justice of god; trial at tribunal
goods factory in our consumption society
Consumption society (2006)

buying goods; credit and capitalism; car factory; chain production; computers; consumer spending; ecology; infinity; modernism; airplane trips; huge waste
pink abstraction in the clouds
Cloud double spiral (2010)

abstraction with pink and violet clouds; rotated clouds
  matches forming the allumeuses word
Allumeuses (2000)

fire; matches; tease





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