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space explosion with bubbles
Space curiosity (2003)

explosion and flying spheres; virus and microbes; stars in the sky
yin yang with complementary colors
Yin / yang complementaries (2001)

abstract art with spheres; balance of colors; yin and yang
face made of Eiffel towers
Gustave (2001)

Gustave Eiffel tower; monument in Paris, France; human face

in the beginning was the word: gospel according to St. John
In the beginning (2003)

gospel of the Bible according to St. John; black ink; creation; literature and writing
distorted face with asymmetry
Self-portrait 2 (2004)

asymmetry; distorted face; Pablo Picasso; self-portrait
Alyssa Milano in ASCII art
Alyssa with A (2001)

ASCII art; letters; portrait of a girl
sculpture of the world made of cups
World of cups (2001)

Earth; world cup of football; global competition; soccer
crossed and mirrored portrait
Self-portrait 1 (2003)

blue shirt; images merged forming a cross
sea horse in ocean
Sea horse (2006)

ASCII art; sea horse; letters; mosaic
gold fish among seaweeds
Gold fish (2006)

letter mosaic; exotic fish; aquatic plants
exotic fishes swimming
Exotic fishes (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish; sea water

explosion of orange spheres
Chaotic order (2006)

big-bang of balls; chaos and infinity; orange spheres exploding
atomium in Brussels with pyramids
Balance (2003)

Atomium in Brussels, Belgium; balance of pyramids at sunset
whirl with orange spheres
Chaotic order 2 (2006)

big-bang of Universe; chaos of balls; infinity; spheres turning in a whirl
wheels taking off
Take-off (2004)

rainbow at sea; wheels with eyes

mountain of light in a dark world
Rebirth (2004)

light of life; glimmer of hope; cotton mountain; snow; dead tree
paradisiac island during a thunderstorm
Reflections 3 (2004)

illusion of paradise; islands with coconuts and palm tree; dream and reality; cards reflecting a thunderstorm
light ray on top of green mountain
Miracle (2004)
God's ray; you are lucky; green mountain; night with start; rock receiving lightning
harmony of nature
Harmony (2007)

ecological balance; fauna and flora; forest, butterflies, birds and nature

explosion of a star
Spherical explosion (2003)

back-lit star exploding; self-destruction at sunset

crossing of XX and XY chromosomes
Crossing (2001)

genes crossed together; man and woman making love; porno; relationship; human reproduction; sexual chromosomes XX, XY, XXX
records put together forming a quaver
Mmm-music (2000)

collage with records; dancing and singing; play a music note; quaver

grey clouds with colored stains
Colored cloud (2010)

colored filters on grey cloud; thunderstorm
postcards with an island at sunset
Reflections by sunset (2004)

reflecting cards; coconuts and palm trees; island of dream; illusion and reality; sunset
films of camera
Films (2001)

films of camera; human hair; taking a photo; pictures
grey postcards with atoll
Grey reflections (2004)

coconuts and palm trees; dream and reality; illusion; island reflecting on cards
mosaic with signatures
Uniqueness 1 (2007)

face; mosaic; self-portrait; signature

paris motto: fluctuat nec mergitur
Fluctuat nec mergitur (2001)

motto of Paris, France; phone numbers phone books; sailing boat never sinking
face in ASCII mosaic
Uniqueness 2 (2007)

face made of a mosaic of signatures; self-portrait

atomium in Brussels, Belgium
Cubiculum (2003)

Atomium in Brussels, Belgium; molecule of iron crystal; mountain; night; sea wave; stars
milky way stars in a violet spiral
Milky way (2010)

milky way stars and planets; violet and white spiral
seasonal leaves in paper
Seasonal leaves (2001)

tree and falling leaves; four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter
humans piling up to the moon, working together
Yes we can (2010)

men and women together reaching the moon; all together we are stronger
four seasons in a square
Four seasons (2004)

forest in a full year: in autumn, in winter, in spring and in summer
this is a cloud à la Magritte
This is a cloud (2010)

René Magritte; surrealism; cloud with letters





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