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distorted face a la Pablo Picasso
Picasso (2004)

broken face; distorted face; sculpture of Pablo Picasso; self-portrait

crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Ulybka - Christ (2006)

Christianity: Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy; Christian crucifixion; Jesus Christ on the cross; religious sculpture in Church
carnival masks and babies
Choose your mask (2008)

carnival characters; masks of babies; playing roles; theater piece
record of Edith Piaf: la vie en rose
The life in pink (2008)

Edith Piaf singing; her songs were hits; music record
purple tunnel made of squares
Purple tunnel (2009)

abstract art; entrance and exit; path in tunnel
exotic fish using ASCII art
Exotic fish (2006)

ASCII art; exotic fish in aquarium; mosaic with letters
alphabets styles representing characters of humans and their moods
Alpha-life (2001)

variations of alphabet; various human moods
fractal definition of the word nothing
Nothing (2001)

philosophical contradiction: nothing is everything; recursive definition like a fractal; dictionary; hierarchy of words
spheres with yin yang and colors
Shifted yin / yang (2001)

colored balls symbolizing imbalances; spheres in a square; yin and yang
spheres with symbol of yin yang, resembling a cube
Yin / yang with cube (2001)

colored spheres forming a cube; red, green, blue (RGB) colors; yin and yang
rotated squares using multiple colours
Squares (2001)

rotations of a square; symmetry
symbol of yin yang with fading colors
Yin / yang with wavelet (2001)

abstract circles; balance of colors; yin and yang
artistic beach with palm trees and coconuts
Beach (2001)

ASCII art; coconut beach; palm trees; paradise island; sea shore
island beach with its molecules
Dream of a chemist (2006)

molecules and atoms; chemistry: molecular composition of landscape; H2O, O2, N2, CO2; sea shore
panels with face in the desert
Self-portrait 4 (2004)

pieces of face standing on panels; desert sand and oasis; self-portrait as a jigsaw
card castle: Chenonceaux
Card castle (2001)

Loire castles; Chenonceaux in France; dreams are fragile
mirrored face with 3 eyes watching you
Watching you (2005)

three eyes watching you; symmetrical face
sculpture of a Babylon tower
Babylon tower (2001)

world languages; God's punition; fragile tower; people not understanding each other
butterflies dancing a waltz
Waltz of butterflies (2002)

colored butterflies dancing the waltz; music and dance; whirl of insects
explosion of light
Luminous abstraction (2007)

explosion of a ball of fire; shadows and lights
mirrors reflecting each other
Reflections 5 (2004)

visual illusion; infinite reflections; grey and red sunset
pyramids reaching to the sky at sunset
Serenity (2003)

digital art; pyramids going to the sky; yellow sunset
genesis of blue spheres
Blue infinity (2003)

blue bubbles; convergence at horizon; infinite ocean with spheres
wood dummy representing theory and practice
Theory - practice (2006)

balance and imbalance; chessboard with dummy of crash test; scientific experiences; success and failure; fallen model; illusion and reality; standing puppet in wood
collage made of buds forming an ear
Ear with buds (2001)

collage with buds for ears; the walls are listening; one of the 5 senses
top-model written with pieces of mirror
Top model (2000)

admiring oneself; reflection in mirror; you are the most beautiful; top-model watching you

sphere levitating in a cube in the desert
Sphere genesis (2003)

sphere hanging in a cube in the desert; beginning of life; creation and genesis
grey flower with shadows and red heart
Grey flower (2003)

grey flower; rosette with 6 petals; light and shadows; symmetry
world of dust with boat at sunset
World of dust (2004)

boats on the sand; dusk of life followed by death; empty landscape; fragility; pine trees on the beach; twilight
rubik's cube with excerpt from Le Cid by Corneille
O rage! o despair! (2001)

cube with jigsaw; the Cid by the French poet Pierre Corneille; Rubik's cube
landscape of sunset with jigsaw
Sunset (2008)

beach with palm tree; paradisiacal island
da Vinci and Mona Lisa without her smile
Jigsaw (2006)

jigsaw; missing piece; la Joconde; Leonardo da Vinci; Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile; Louvre in Paris, France; well-known painting
the green world at its beginning, looking like the moon
Green beginning (2009)

beginning of the world; birth of the Earth; moon landscape with craters
ocean water distorted
Water extensions (2010)

sea waves; water transformation; blue translations; big blue ocean
end of the green world with statue of Liberty
Green end (2009)

apocalypse; Earth death; Moon ground; statue of Liberty; planet of the apes
colored wavelet, sinusoidal wave
Colored wavelet (2010)

rainbow wavelet; cubes explosion
ocean water rotated, small waves
Water gear (2010)

blue planet; optical effect; sea wavelets; big blue ocean
cubic man; target laying on ground
Lying man (2011)

wounded man; recumbent; target reaching a man's head; stoned man





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