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sphere, pyramide, cone and cube with eyes
Vision (2004)

basic geometric forms: cube; cone; cylinder; eyes; geometry; sight; sphere; pyramid; torus

red, blue, green and yellow balls
Game with colors (2006)

bubbles; colored cross; reflections

cover of Time magazine with Albert Einstein 1
Exploded Einstein (2003)

atomic bomb; century; celerity; danger; energy equation; nuclear explosion; genius; mirror; physics of particles; relativity theory; risk of sciences; scientist; speed; symmetry; time

cover of Time magazine with Albert Einstein 2
Exploded imploded Einstein (2003)

nuclear bomb; person of the century; particle celerity; danger; E=mc2; energy; equations; implosion; mirror; atomic physics; relative; relativity; everything is relative
cover of Time magazine with Albert Einstein 3
Imploded Einstein (2003)

global destruction; nuclear winter; bomb of Hiroshima; nuclear proliferation; nuclear plants; genial mind;

mona Lisa in green balls
Spherism 3 (2006)

explosion; green; la Joconde; Leonardo da Vinci; Mona Lisa; round; spheres

soldier made of fire arms
Gendarme (2001)

army; death; armed GI; guns; war and peace; revolvers; soldier holding a Kalashnikov; violence; weapons

living animals and plants falling into death
Fragility of life (2001)

equality in front of death; baby, animals, and plants falling and dying; fauna and flora; life; live; plants; time

pyramids exploding with rainbow
(2006) Colored chaotic order 3

big-bang; chaos; colors; infinity; pyramid explosion; triangles

panels with pieces of a face in the water
Self-portrait 3 (2004)

face; jigsaw in ocean; pieces of face; sea; self-portrait; Ulybka; water

rainbow spheres going apart
(2006) Colored chaotic order 2

3D; balls; big-bang of Universe; colors; sphere explosion; infinite chaos; infinity; whirl

postcard with coconut island at sunset
Reflections (2004)

cards; coconut island; sunset; palm trees

sun flowers by Vincent Van Gogh
Sun flowers (2001)

hexagons; orange sunflowers; Vincent Van Gogh; vase

wheel with human eyes
The big wheel (2004)

abstract art; eyes; sight; spheres; wheel watching
paint drops
Drops (2011)

drops starting to fall; attraction; liquid; black hole

skittles and rainbow at bowling
Skittles (2009)

multicolored skittles; bowling game
man fading in a colorful environment
Self-portrait 5 (2009)

self-portrait; living-room; fading colors

birth of alphabet
Birth of alphabet (2001)

beginning of alphabet; language birth; Latin characters and letters; creation; evolution; morphing; transformation

birth of life with baby human and animals
Dream of life (2004)

baby creation; light beam; animals in bubbles; death; desert dunes; die; eagle; fish; frog; penguin; plants; skull

green plants growing from a coffin in a forest
Life from death from life (2004)

light beam; crystal coffin with  flowers; new life in forest; growing plants; life renewal; resurrection from Earth; dead trees
geometric big-bang with multicolored figures: triangles, squares
Big bang (2001)

beginning of everything; big-bang of Universe; creation of circles; explosion of life; formation of the world; genesis of geometry; squares; star; triangles

yellow flower daffodil with 6 petals
Yellow flower (2003)

daffodil with 6 petals; flower; rosette with shadows
explosion of spheres with rainbow
Colored chaotic order (2006)

balls; big-bang; chaos; color explosion; going to infinity

figurative computer and symbols of Internet
Literally (2008)

computer hardware; Internet; web; IT and new technologies

aperitif drink with beer, coke, whisky and peanuts
Simplified drink (2008)

aperitif with beer, coke, juice and whisky; drinks and peanuts

christian, Buddhist, Islamic and Judaic symbols
Bath of religions (2008)

religions encouraging violence; wars and blood crimes; Buddhism; Christianity; Islam; Judaism; power
animals during the end of world
World crisis (2009)

collapse of animal and vegetal worlds; death; end of the world; world crisis
four life elements: water, air, Earth and fire
Four friends (2008)

air, earth, water, and fire are linked; nature in symbiosis

volcano waking up and belching hot lava
Once upon a time (2003)

beginning of the world; creation of the Earth; explosions of fire; formation of the crust; lake of lava and magma

wish to convert to Christianity
Evangelization (2009)

religious conversion; belief in God of the Christians
wish to convert to Islam
Islamization (2009)

religious conversion; belief in God of the Muslims
vegetal rainbow with trees
Vegetal rainbow (2009)

multicolored rainbow; carpet of trees and vegetation
types of bonds: acquaintance, friendship and love
Bonds (2009)

acquaintance, friendship and love; love is rare
green plant in spiral
Eco spirals (2009)

green leaves of ferns; luxurious vegetation
multicolored tubes falling
Spaghetti (2006)

dense bamboo forest; needles; overpopulation; Italian pasta; spaghettis; tangled trees; tubes; Mikado game





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