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rain falling until flood, broken stormy sea
Flood (2007)

falling clouds; flooding rain; broken ocean; bad weather

surrealist landscape in form of blue girl face
Blue face (2003)

surrealist landscape with face; Salvador Dali; face of girl with hair; artificial lake; reeds and vegetation around water
split land with cottage. House and mountains are broken
Split land (2007)

cottage; country; cut objects; gaps; split tree
fractal hand with branches and leaves, imitating René Magritte
Growth (2005)

branches; fingers; growing hands with leaves; plants; human tree
flying dollar banknotes owned by rich bankers
Money gods (2009)

flying dollars; money stolen; rich bankers; clouds in the sky
many black babies growing in Africa
Fountain of youth (2005)

African babies; beginning; birth rate; demography; growing; green plants; time; young population
dream with rainbow over clouds in moonlight
Dream (2007)

clouds; dream in moonlight; reality; sky
naked woman covered with breasts
Dream of a man (2004)

woman breasts; erotic; beautiful naked woman; nude; top model posing
eye lashes with nails close to the pupil
Eye lashes (2007)

blind; eye; nails stinging in the eye; lashes; hurting; potential threat
man walking from his mother's vagina towards a coffin
Entrance - exit (2006)

man walking alone; sex of a woman; lonely man dying and going to his coffin; life path, from birth till death; shortcut; way; XXX
earth planets growing like fruits on a tree
If only (2006)

environment protection; fragility of Earth; growing fruits; renewable resources; trees; waste of resources; ecological world
broken letters of LIFE falling apart in blood sea
Broken life (2007)

blood sea; broken; life falling apart
tree with a drop of life in cave at sunset
Tree of life (2007)

back-light; cave with a life tree; sunset; water drop
bubbles or drops on a eye
Eye with bubbles 2 (2004)

glass bubbles; crystal; eye pupil; reflections; transparency effect
head of man with two eye pupils in one eye
The artist's eyes (2004)

blindness; eye pupil falling from one eye into the other; self-portrait; sight; vision
inhuman reality of life
Reality (2007)

broken dreams; world chaos; broken glass; hurt; pain; hard reality
multicolored whirl with pyramids
Colored chaotic order 4 (2006)

chaos and big-bang of colors; infinity of pyramids exploding; triangles; whirl
chess game with pawns on both sides of the chessboard at sunset
Black and white (2004)

black play against white; checkmate; chess; good against evil; fight; chess game; king, queen, pawn, rook, bishop, knight; ocean; reflections; strategy; symmetrical chessboard
big brother's eyes watching you in your living-room
Big brother (2004)

apartment with armchairs; cage; chairs; eyes watching you; no freedom; furnished flat; inside a living-room; prisoner at home; sofa

man bumping into a woman resulting in a baby
Shock of humans (2001)

birth of baby; man and woman having sex; human reproduction; shock of particles in physics

world map through crystal balls
Worlds (2006)

atlas of continents and countries; difference; distortion; glass; plastic bubbles; world map
cubist version of Vinci's Mona Lisa
Cubism (2006)

cubes; jigsaw with la Joconde; Leonardo da Vinci; Mona Lisa; puzzle; squares
drops in front of black hole
Drops 2 (2011)

drops attracted to each other; rainbow target; merge

factory builds babies in bubbles
Brave new world (2004)

Aldous Huxley; automated creation of babies; human birth; new-born in bubbles; build; cloning babies; chain; clones; baby factory; ideal babies; modern life; ocean; copy and paste

red firework
Red firework (2009)

bloody explosion; fireworks; red light

fallen Eiffel Tower dropping waste
Paris, poubelle ville du monde (2003)

dirty rubbish bin; trash fallen on the ground; France's symbol; monument in Paris; Eiffel tower; trash can

blueberry, plum, apple and tomato forming the Olympic rings
Olympic fruits (2008)

apple; blueberry; competition; international; Olympic rings; games; plum; sport; tomato
fractal eye inside an eye
Infinite eye (2008)

fractals; eye lashes

symbolic olympic rings with Earth, doping, peace, and laurels
Olympic rings (2008)

Earth; international sport competition; laurel; Olympic rings; peace; doping pills; sport; sweat
positive words: heat, delight, dream and eternity
Positive (2009)

heat; optimism; love; passion; positive thinking
tree in jelly cut in slices
Slices of a tree (2008)

cube; cut; falling apart; jelly; pieces; plant
man merged with the image background
Influence (2009)

background and foreground mixed
saint men made of dollar bills and euro banknotes
Saint dollar and saint euro (2009)

dollar and euro coins and banknotes; saints of the global financial system; gods of money
artistic gears construction
Gears (2009)

multicolored gears; assembly; construction
opening chains giving freedom; sailing boat
Freedom (2009)

opening chains; free sailing boat; liberation after prison





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