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angel Gabriel phones the Virgin Mary to annunciate the birth of Jesus
The annunciation (2009)

angel Gabriel; birth of baby Jesus; dove and lily; Virgin Mary; religion; Christianity
men walking on ocean water at sunset
Strength (2009)

boat; men walking on ocean water

the five elements: air, water, earth, fire, love
The 5 elements (2008)

fresh air; blue sky; flying bird; Mother Earth; burning fire; exotic fishes; heart; life; love; blue ocean water; growing wheat
the five elements: storm, wave, drought, explosion, broken heart
The other 5 elements (2008)

drought; dry earth; nuclear explosion; fire; broken heart; love; stormy sky; thunderstorm; water wave
city with chess pieces as buildings
Chess city (2004)

building with chess bishop; city street; knight, rook, pawn, queen, king; skyscrapers; chess town with cars; black and white
the devil and an angel dancing salsa in a Joan Miró world
Couple dancing 1 (2008)

couple dancing salsa; angel and devil; Joan Miró

hot fire, burning sun
Relax (2008)

warm colors getting cooler; degraded; fire of the sun; agitation and peace; pressure; stressed
a couple dancing waltz in a Joan Miró world
Couple dancing 2 (2008)

couple of waltz dancers; Joan Miró

violet bubbles coming from the sea like geysers in Island
Magic sources (2008)

bubble sources; geyser in Island

seven sins and 7 virtues
Sins and virtues (2009)

Catholic religion; seven sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride; seven virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, humility
endangered animal species trapped by humans
Trapped (2009)

fauna and flora; endangered species; humans and people destroying everything; fighting for survival; four elements: air, desert, forest, water
bishops on the Earth ball looking like a mine
A world of fools (2009)

crazy rearmament race; explosion risk; mine and nukes; nuclear war and peace
hour glass with blood
Life and counting (2008)

blood; carpe diem; hour glass; sand glass; time going by; life is short
eyes on sale on a stall with price tag
Eyes on sale (2008)

buy; eggs; grocery store; eye stall
fractal lightning with electricity around a black hole
Black hole (2008)

abstract lines; fractal lightning; electric shock
ape pyramid with master dominating slaves
Ape pyramid (2008)

age pyramid; ape castes; domination and submission; equality; hierarchy; justice; master and slaves; men sharing power
ocean of spheres at sunset
World of spheres (2007)

bubbles; cubic sun; horizon; silver spheres; sunset skyline
earth in balance on banknotes and coins
In dependence (2007)

financial imbalance; Earth; euro and dollar; falling markets; fragile globalization; inflation; stock market; money; rich and poor; risky business; market valuation
hyperinflation in dollars with firelighter
Inflation risk (2007)

financial crisis; market; money value; fiat currency dollar; collapsing economy; falling; paper flood; inflation; firelighter

earth is dying because of over-exploitation of resources
Ambition (2006)

ambition; dying trees; death because of drought; ecological catastrophe; human egoism; environmental impact; green development; growing vegetation; pollution; wasting resources
trees on a hill with the rainbow colors
Colored landscape (2008)

colorful forest; landscape; rainbow; trees
glass tunnel exploding with blood flowing
Glass tunnel (2009)

bloody crystal; danger; darkness; glass explosion; red tunnel
tree in aluminium can
Canned tree (2008)

aluminium can; square; tinned tree
droplets trickling on a multicolored sinusoid
Life droplets (2009)

drops trickling; fresh paint; sinusoid with rainbow
man moving in an oxygen bubble with drops
Oxygen (2009)

air and oxygen bubbles; water drops; running man
bright apartment corridor on ocean
Light corridor (2010)

corridor decoration with sea at sunset; enlightened corridor leading to sea
the dreamer in bubbles like the thinker from Auguste Rodin
The dreamer (2009)

the thinker by Auguste Rodin; bubbles; dreaming over the clouds
rainbow and forest with ideal trees
Magic forest (2009)

multicolored trees; ideal forest; exotic plants; rainbow
fractal frames, with black and white
Borders (2009)

fractal borders; frame
man lying on the ground; cubism
Lying man 2 (2011)

dead stoned man; cubism; terrorist act; petrified target

hope medieval fortress of stone
Invincible hope (2009)

medieval castle; stone fortress; indestructible hope; optimism

blue colour violet red green yellow text
Blue (2009)

blue color; colorized words





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